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Life, it’s feeling so life-y this year, isn’t it?

Surreal and strange with fleeting threads of the finest gold that weaves through the thick foggy air to show us there’s some hope and laughs and good stuff still beaming down on us. 

And there is.

2020 – a helluva ride. I keep looking in the mirror to make sure I’m still me; on the outside I’ve got the same face and features, but on the inside everything has changed. Weirdly, I love reinvention. I’m a bit of a change addict; when life gets boring and samey, then doing something totally different always seems a good idea. Jumping in to new things and feeling like a beginner is, hands down, the best medicine I know.

If you’re new here, thanks for stopping by. I’m in the process of reinventing my own purpose and life and it feels good. More space, more writing, more being myself, more genuinely helping the people I can do my best work with. Less social media (time suck!), less consuming short-form content that puts me in a void. More movies, books, good telly. More conversations about how we feel. Yes please.

As i work on creating more (currently working on a story set in Manchester in the 90s) and mentoring amazing people to start their own reinvention, no matter how radical or subtle that is. I hope you’ll join me. Ruth x

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