Hey I’m Ruth,

I’m a writer – creative director – podcaster – educator and adventurer.

Whether you’re a brand, a solo creative business or agency creating high-impact campaigns, you’re looking for an inbox full of leads, right?

The magic ingredient you might need some help with? Strategic storytelling that compels and converts.

I also run Gain + Grow as a partnership alongside my husband Tony Drant. Together we create high-impact and performance paid and organic campaigns.

Portrait: Elaine Potter Photo



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A is for adventure

…and Annie. This is our yellow campervan. We bought her when we lived in Spain and named her after my mum, who’d recently died.

To us, nothing feels as good as showing our kids the world. Kinda impossible with everything going on in the world right now, but we’re already looking ahead to our next adventure. Our collective goal as a family is to live a life less ordinary; we cannot wait to get back on the road.