Hey, I’m Ruth. An encouraging business partner for creatives who’re ready to launch or upgrade a business. Is this you?

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I’m Ruth. I’m a business partner for high-achieving creatives who need external support in launching and growing businesses that FEEL good.

I’ve been on the other side of building a business that was successful but frankly frazzling and walked away to build a business around who I truly am and the life I love to live.

I’ve worked in the marketing world for over 20 years (and run my own business for ten) and I believe the word marketing is obsolete.

My mission is to help creatives feel so connected with what they do so that they attract more of what they want.

  • If you’re interested in knowing more, you can read about my 1:1 business partnership packages 
  • Consulting and collaborating with like-minded brands. I provide outdoor /nature based workshops based on helping create better connections and chemistry with yourself and others. 
  • Because I’m so passionate about emotional health as we grow our creative businesses and lives. I recently launched FEEL, a free virtual log cabin that lives in a Facebook community. It’s a place to share and support you emotionally as you ride the roller-coaster of life and build the business and life you’ve always wanted. You are very welcome to join us.
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A successful business starts within

I discovered through my own story with massive transformation as a person and as a business owner, is that we will burnout if we build a business or do work that isn’t 100% aligned with our core beliefs.

And it’s true that as we evolve as people, our businesses should too. So if you’re a creative – the business you started 3 years ago might not be right for who you are now. 

On a chemistry level when we’re more connected inside and out, the powerful “love” hormone oxytocin kicks in – it’s not called the love hormone for nothing. And this is where we find what makes us truly us (and attracts more of the right people).

All portraits by the amazing Kelly Back, except this one by the also incredible Elaine Potter.

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Adventure + emotional well-being are my two greatest passions

I’m obsessed with travel and do it as much as possible. We lived in Barcelona for almost three years. I’m mum to two strong girls and I’m on a mission to inspire them to discover and follow their own truth.

I am living proof that adventure can play a big part of our emotional wellbeing and I write and share a lot about emotional health because I believe we’re in the middle of an epidemic of loneliness – ironic in a hyper-connected world. Emotional wellbeing isn’t discussed enough and it’s a big block to most of the people I’m lucky enough to work with.

We have a yellow campervan called Annie and when I’m at home you’ll mostly find me eating dim sum + consuming 80s and 90s movies and music. I’ve got a degree in film and I love stories in all forms. Right now we’re in York, a city filled with chocolates + culture. 


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Praise & love

  • I can’t tell you how valuable my sessions with Ruth have been. Changing direction with my photography business has been difficult, I’ve had mixed ideas and thoughts for years and Ruth has guided me through the fog, helped me dig deep into my dreams and goals to develop a clear and focused brand plan and vision for the future.

  • Ruth makes me feel alive and she makes me feel brave. She radiates positivity and strength and you come away from spending time with her bouncing with confidence and ideas and dreams. After having her own highly successful marketing agency, she knows the industry inside and out so she can rewrite the rules… and she REALLY knows her stuff.

    Writer & Copy Coach
  • I always feel so energised after talking to you, you have such a gift! I have for the first time in a very very long time felt like I’m moving forward and feel so positive about what I’m doing, I cannot thank you enough. 

  • Since taking the course I have been able to streamline my business objectives, nail my mission statement and redefine my goals with my ideal clients in mind. If you’re a woman in business and have a business or simply an idea you want to explore, I would highly recommend this wonderful woman and her course.