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I’ve recently updated how you can work with me in the light of Covid – 19. I’m not taking long-term clients on due to the unknown, home-school juggle (4realz!) and I’m also at capacity in the paid marketing campaign work I do in partnership with my husband (Gain + Grow, website coming soon). But, I have availability for a 121 workshop, please see below. Stay safe, dream big and look for the sunbeams Xoxo

K, here’s the thing. Right now you feel scared, anxious and fearful of the future.

Right now the world is being rocked, but your business doesn’t have to be.

Slowly, people are starting to realise that they want to reimagine their work or life, or both!

More + more people are realising each day that they need to use this time to build their business or change their life, ready for the future. Growth and opportunity exist, especially in the online world.

That’s right.

Growth, opportunity are exotic fruits hanging, un-touched on the tree, ripe and waiting to be picked

Although I’m not taking on long-term client sessions beside what’s booked in already, I am offering a few limited 90 minute one-off sessions (early mornings and weekends) where we can:

-Help you figure out what’s next for you post lockdown. I like to call it #RadicalRedesign and chemistry is at the heart of this – finding the place you can bring your true love and passion into the work you do. This is for you if you’d like to upgrade your life, work and design out your shiver-making future.

-Upgrade your business storytelling to StorySelling; helping you create more unique, more personal, and more compelling content using my Weave Method. This is for you if you feel a bit ‘meh’ online and know there’s more opportunity for people to find you if you can better weave in your own story, and you’re ready to release the “real” you – finally – into the world.

-Work on a visibility plan together. If you have your story, your business, but need some help in gaining confidence to approach people online: pitching, writing persuasive emails that get more YES’s, then this is for you.

-Plan out a paid and organic campaign for your solo business using Ads, and I’ll give you all the templates you need to go away and create this + support you along the way for an extra fee if you need that help.

These sessions cost £199 including pre and post follow up support and you can book extra, shorter follow up sessions if you need the extra accountability to make sh*t happen! I will also share resources / templates to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re like (yesssss, this is me), you can reach out to me by email on hi at ruth hoskins dot com and we can discuss our imminent work together.

See you on email! Xo

What People Have Said

  • Kelly Back

    “I can’t tell you how valuable my sessions with Ruth have been. Changing direction with my photography business has been difficult, I’ve had mixed ideas and thoughts for years and Ruth has guided me through the fog, helped me dig deep into my dreams and goals to develop a clear and focused brand plan and vision for the future.  I would never have thought that it was possible to have a business that i’m not only passionate about but works around my lifestyle!”

  • Claudia De Sabe

    “I’m a tattoo artist and with the help of Ruth Hoskins I just launched our family business online. I met Ruth via Mothers Meetings and we met up a few months back. Since then she helped me to find an identity for my brand and have a 5 year plan with it.  She helped me to dare to dream really big and to say out loud what was in my head. I never had a coach and it was a powerful experience. She is so lovely and knowledgable.: Deco Boco 

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