Ready for The Reinvention?


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If you’re like me you’ve had enough of guruism. The internet is so full of “experts” telling us what and how to do it. Blueprints, cheat sheets, masterclasses and more. What happened to individualism?

When you’re first starting out in business you want a blueprint if you’re looking for a quick-fix solution. But most of us already running businesses know that there is no quick fix. We’ve worked hard to get where we are – here with a creative business of our own – and we need more.

More support, less instruction.

In 2020 we juggled to keep our businesses alive with home schooling, looking after family and loved ones, and worrying about the impact of the virus on our communities.

This year, we questioned everything, didn’t we? 

So now, here you are. You have some tiny dreams that keep circulating inside you and you’d like to feel brave enough to help them grow bigger; to turn them into a reality.

You feel a calling now because you can’t go back, only forwards.

You’re not the person you were at the start of 2020. You’ve changed.

And now you’d excited by the idea of:

  • Playing bolder in your life and work
  • Finding your own path and not following the herd
  • Finding more balance and equilibrium without burning out
  • Become the go-to so you can share your gifts and help more people than every before
  • You want to raise your visibility, income and profile and speak at the festival of your dreams or make a bit impact on the causes that matter.

And I’ve been there with all of the above. I know what it’s like to birth, grow and switch up a business. To burnout big time. To walk away, remove toxicity and reinvent myself in a way that makes me a happier person and protects my energy (critical to us all).

So, if you’re ready to start your reinvention with a partner who is 100% focused on you as an individual, who can hold space but also share your feelings because I’ve been there too, then this is what we can do together:

The Reinvention

  • To help you awaken, get honest with yourself and explore what really excites you going forwards.
  • Get brave and vulnerable with yourself.
  • Strip-back the layers and remove toxicity, distractions and triggers from the work you do.
  • Create an activation plan together to relaunch what you do into the world.

It’s perfect for you if:

  • You feel pulled deep-down in a certain direction and want to explore it fully.
  • You want to create your manifesto for post-lockdown and the future.
  • You feel so total f**k after 2020 that you’re ready to rise bigger than ever before?
  • You are starting to feel braver than ever before.

Your investment in you

Two x 90 minute online workshops to help you create your vision. £595

Application form will be posted here shortly. New clients booking from January 2021 (with a pre Christmas kick-off session).

What People Have Said

  • Kelly Back

    “I can’t tell you how valuable my sessions with Ruth have been. Changing direction with my photography business has been difficult, I’ve had mixed ideas and thoughts for years and Ruth has guided me through the fog, helped me dig deep into my dreams and goals to develop a clear and focused brand plan and vision for the future.  I would never have thought that it was possible to have a business that i’m not only passionate about but works around my lifestyle!”

  • Claudia De Sabe

    “I’m a tattoo artist and with the help of Ruth Hoskins I just launched our family business online. I met Ruth via Mothers Meetings and we met up a few months back. Since then she helped me to find an identity for my brand and have a 5 year plan with it.  She helped me to dare to dream really big and to say out loud what was in my head. I never had a coach and it was a powerful experience. She is so lovely and knowledgable.: Deco Boco 

Let’s talk

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