The Chemistry Classroom

A 6-week coaching programme to help you market your business in a way that makes more dream clients fall in love with you.

Cut out Ruth

Did you know that oxytocin reinforces who we are? As the “love” hormone it both helps to attract and repel, it helps us create meaningful bonds. Isn’t this the best eva reason to switch up your marketing strategy, be a little bit bolder and attract MORE of the TYPE of CLIENT you really want!

This is marketing, but not as you know it!

The Chemistry Classroom is a 6 week group programme to seriously up level your marketing efforts sweet cheeks. It’s going to help you find chemistry within yourself (aka fall back in love with your biz), attract more of the dream clients and turn them into superfans who keep on buying from you (even if you’ve always thought you’re crap at marketing).

Does this flick your switch?

Just imagine, what life would look like if the most dreamy of clients or customers were flocking towards you, begging to buy because you really get them? Imagine feeling like you’ve stepped up into the business owner I know you want to be, with the life you want?

On the other side of where you are now, what does it look like? When you’re having the impact you want, making the money you want and you’re the queen B of your industry when it comes to attracting clients. 

But if you’re not prepared to do the work, to go deep and instead are going to continue to do ALL THE THINGS instead, then this programme is not for you.

But, if you’re one of the 3% still reading this.

Then I know you know it’s almost time. That you are not going to give up on your dream. Because most women do, but I get the feeling you’re not most women. Am I right?

And if you’re thinking: I’d love this but it’s just not the right time I want you to know. The right time is always now!

I know you’re in the right place right now and I know you’re ready.

Super Charge Me coaching accountability

And you know what, I’m excited!

My first job in marketing was back in 2001. Fresh out of uni I came up with the idea for my company’s first internet and then got paid to fly around the world training journo’s and PRs how to write for the web. All the retro lolz, but seriously, I know my stuff. Fast forward to 2010 and I launched a social and content agency that I grew to multiple 6 figures, a team of 7 awesome women and won work from the likes of Jumeirah, Wedgwood and Waterford Crystal. But yunno what? I fell a bit out of love working with brands, and all the shizzle that goes with running a big team, and decided to pour everything I’ve learned into a truly useful marketing coaching programme for wonderful humans like you.

The chemistry classroom starts from this place of love, because if you’re not going to love your business who else will? This is a space to spark joy, build your confidence and provide you with accountability and support to get to the other side of your big dream.

So if you’re still on the verge, this is what we’re going to cover: 



  • Aligning our passion + purpose, because if we don’t love our business who else will?
  • The 1 thing you want to be known for
  • Vision
  • Purpose


CONNECTION (Split over 2 weeks)

  • Soulful stories to connect.
  • Using emotion, language and connection to spark desire with your dreamiest clients.
  • Uncovering your online voice
  • The content twist: Flipping the script about the story you’ve been told about content.
  • Showing up + visibility.



  • Marketing in 2019
  • The High-Vibe Method for attracting the clients you really want to work with.
  • A deep understanding of your dream clients and how to empathise and form connections.



  • An action plan to implement this in your business.
  • Accountability buddies in the group.
  • Worksheets to help you take actions.

How this works 

Each week you’ll be sent the material to work through in your own time and within each section we will have a group call on Zoom too.

And I love to be generous. As well as the class, everyone who completes the course (and hands in their homework) gets these big bonuses:

Write Like A Ninja! A masterclass to up level your copy skills and write in a way that people will hang on your every word. (worth £200).

Free 45 minute kick-start coaching call with me to kick-start you implementing what you’ve learned (worth £350)

Access to a private FB Group for my students and private clients so you get buddies as you go through it all – and lifetime access to the group too. (worth £200)

Lifetime access to more materials that I produce (hint: even more good stuff coming your way).

The investment:

Sign up below to lock in the September early bird price of £365. After that the price is going up to £497 (payment plan available).

VIP upgrade: If you want to work with me 121 on this content, you can upgrade to having 2 x 45 minute 121 calls with me for £797 early bird rate. This will go up to £997.

There’s a fast action bonus too. Anyone signing up during August gets a free 1 hour marketing tech coaching call with Tony Drant on all things Facebook Ads, wordpress, email marketing etc.

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