This Is Why Only 3% Of You Are Brave Enough To Read This.

Love, I’m squealing with excitement that you clicked through. Wanna know why?

This tells me a lot about you. 

It takes courage, action and deep-rooted work within yourself to meet your dream on the other side but for those of you prepared to do this work, I know magical things lie ahead for you.

Want to know why this will make 97% of you feel uncomfortable and stop reading on?

Because maybe you’re afraid? To ask the big questions of yourself, to commit to going to the core of your soul and to scratch way deeper than the surface of who your dream clients are. To raise your own vibe through hard-work, vulnerability and putting your big girl pants on (phrase borrowed from the awesome @juniepoonie).

Maybe you prefer to take an easier option. To download the guides, take the quick wins and focus on being busy over better? I’ve done all of that and it’s a longer, less powerful route.

Because it takes a special kind of person to have the courage to dive in deep, to have the commitment to actually make it happen, to trust the path they are going to take.

It takes a brave woman to commit to building a brand that really reflects them as a human, to have incredible chemistry with their business, to have the vibe that connects completely and literally makes their dream clients do a firefly dance towards them.

It takes courage because not everyone will support you on this journey. They make out like its not the best thing for you, but really it’s their fear, not yours. Because deep down they don’t want you to transform, it shakes up their own belief system. They are fearful of you changing. And that’s OK, because we have to be strong to accept that not everybody can come on this next phase of our journey. Love, only you can do you. 

Whatever your definition of “success” it comes from the work within, it comes from the clarity, the connections we make, the support we have. All of these things combined create a business that has a real buzz, real personality and real impact.

So you’ve got to pick a team with chemistry to take on this adventure you are being pulled towards.

I invested in a coach in my last business but looking back we weren’t aligned. He was focused on a traditional “growth” model, there were never any big questions about who I was and what type of business my heart ached to grow. And I achieved “success”, I grew that creative agency to multiple-six figures and 7 full-time people but it was only a matter of time before I fell out of love with that. It was someone else’s definition of success, not my own. I fell into being “busy” and it impacted my health (I got diagnosed with breast cancer whilst running the business, with two pre-schoolers and nursing my mum through terminal cancer too). I nearly lost my shit! 

But now, I am thankful for this, because it made me dig deep, invest thousands in my own personal development to realise that the work to define what I wanted, who I really am and how I can use this energy and experience to serve other women, who lack clarity, confidence and support in their business.

We are literally flooded with people telling us how to do things. Everyone’s an expert. If you’re anything like me (and I’m starting to think you are) then your feeds are crammed with people selling you magic bullets. Funnels, automations, lead magnets, lives and more. There is more noise than ever. Coaches promising 50k launches, coaches focused on slow living, coaches who go wide instead of deep.

My mentoring is chemistry-based. Chemistry is everything. I believe that business should be about finding and keeping that spark inside us and building a brand that has sparks joy in us is also going to spark joy and connection in our dreamy clients. I think we should only work together if we have that spark, that chemistry.

Human to human, soul to soul, we have to find our dance, trust our light and share it with the world.

How are you feeling? If you think you need more chemistry in your life, if you want to attract and then build high-impact relationships with the dreamiest of dream clients, then sign up below to get a pre-alert when the Chemistry Classroom opens in June, starting with a free 7 day challenge.

The non werky stuff

I’m obsessed with travel and do it as much as possible. We lived in Barcelona for almost three years. I’m mum to two strong girls who I’m on a mission to inspire them to follow their greatness.

We have a yellow campervan called Annie and when I’m at home you’ll mostly find me eating dim sum + consuming 80s and 90s movies and music. I’ve got a degree in film and I love stories in all forms. Right now we’re in York, a city filled with chocolates + culture. Oh I’m a breast cancer thriver too. 


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