ruth for about me

Creative, adventurous and compassionate?

If you’re like me you value truth, self-expression and connection with yourself, with others and with nature. You value experiences over possessions and prefer to be outdoors and get that human chemistry is the the thing that links us with the right people.

My beliefs are:

That relationships under-pin ever single “successful” business and this is the foundation for everything we do.

To attract whatever it is you want, as long as your inner chemistry is strong, you will connect with the right people.

Launching or upgrading a business is “hard” emotionally so the work around our attitude and outlook is the biggest part. Our relationship with self must come first. Every time.

That is possible to build a brilliant, multi-passionate business around doing what you love best, not just what you’re good at.

You’re never fully “ready”, you’ve got to dive in and keep going.

“Marketing” is a word with no soul. The secret to building something great and attracting more is to take action like releasing the things taking up to much mental space, making huge leaps of faith and understand basic human psychology.

I find it hard to identify with the word + language used around coaching and prefer the term “creative business partner”.

It is infinitely possible to build a gorgeous life post cancer, post grief, post PTSD, post ADHD labelling, post anything.


Croatian Courtyard

Working together

I’d like to think that if we worked together it’d be here, basking in a Croatian courtyard, sipping tea and eating truffled pasta and dreaming and planning together. Sound good?

If you want to learn more about my monthly retained business partnership for your creative business head over and explore more.

A few more things about me

I set up my last creative business – a content agency – when my kids were babes and grew it to multiple 6 figures and 7 full-time people but then I realised that apart from travel, my passions are emotional, talking, sharing stories and helping people figure sh*t out!

I’ve got two daughters (Jemima 10, Flora 7) and an awesome stepson (25) and a husband who is my best friend and business partner too. If you want to see me at my worst, show me a wasp, vampire or large dog.

We just moved back to the UK from Barcelona after taking a family sabbatical for 2.5 years – an experience that blew my mind and taught me more than I could have imagined.

My parents were naturists and we used to camp our way around France in the buff!

I live (mostly well) with ADHD and am passionate about helping creatives with other kinds of “labels” free themselves from this sh*t and just be more great at who they are.

I’m rubbish at small-talk and only want toward and support people I have a real connection with, because it’s the chemistry that fires up my belly and helps me to serve.

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