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Hey I’m Ruth and I’m the world’s first chemistry coach.

I’m on a mission to help people who’re 40+ create a captivating online brand through learning the power of chemistry.

I’m available for speaking gigs, corporate events, workshops and retreats.

Women 40+ are much under represented online, with many viewing social media as the domain of millennial and and it’s time for change. The internet is also a positive space and a catalyst for huge social change but it can feel scary for the people who haven’t grown up sharing their life online.


I’m really passionate about helping women of this generation to thrive, shine and open up to a whole new world of possibility, make remarkable new friendships and have huge leaps in their income and impact.

And did you know all of this can happen based on the role of oxytocin. That powerful “cuddle” hormone that comes into action when we give birth, have sex, well it’s also in full on play when it comes to our relationships in life and in business. It’s the heart pumping feeling when we connect with people, so what I love to do is help people become more of themselves and build a life online.

My unique CAPTIVATE system focuses on three core areas of chemistry

  • Inner Chemistry Factor (ICF)
  • Brand Chemistry Factor (BCF)
  • Content Chemistry Factor (CCF)

In short I’m helping people transform their lives! 

I’m also passionate about helping younger people get tuned into their unique secret sauce and realise that the structure of the school system is not the be all and end all, so I’m also available to inspire and motivate young people.

My speaking topics include but are not limited to:

  • How chemistry can get us more of what we want – whatever it is you want to call into your life, get more yes’s by using my three chemistry factors
  • Women and their online lives aged 40+
  • The importance of having a strong personal brand – it’s a bankable asset, whatever it is you do, don’t outsource your voice!
  • Confidence in helping women be more unapologetically themselves online – the importance of sharing their real and authentic story on the world and also that sharing your story – however messy – is a powerful form of therapy
  • Living your best life post cancer – I’m five years clear of aggressive breast cancer
  • Personal development and how to look inside yourself to get more connected to your life and get more of what you want
  • The power of storytelling – I’ve got a film degree and I love to help people master the art of storytelling.

Why me?

I’ve made a living from life online since 1999, when my first job was to fly around the world teaching people how to write for the web! Since then I’ve worked in-house, agency side and then grew my own social media business to multiple six figures, attracting major brands like Wedgwood, Waterford Crystal, Unilever and Jumeirah.

That business taught me a lot about what I didn’t want, and I walked away from it, and life after a breast cancer diagnosis changes everything! I didn’t know at the time how it would change everything for the better. The week after my last treatment we rented out our house and took a two and a half year sabbatical in Barcelona, where we threw ourselves into the mediterranean lifestyle, bought a campervan and recalibrated. You can read more about that messy and real story over here.