5 Things You Need To Believe If You Want To Grow Your Business

I see you over there, my love.

Sitting at your kitchen table with your head in your hands.

Your partner just asked when you’re going to start making more money and working less and it’s hit a raw nerve.

You’ve got the to-do-lists, been to loads of workshops, signed up for a couple of courses but you haven’t found a deep connection with anyone yet.

The big dream feels completely unattainable right now. You want to make an impact, build the life that you and your family desire so bad, of making the money you had hoped to earn so you could use it to do good and buy your family some freedom.

This creative work you do used to be your happy place but right now it feels far from it. You’re running like a headless chicken in the opposite direction to your potential?

You call your mum who kindly suggests you go back into work and “earn some proper money without all the stress darling.” and you want to SCREAM!

I hear you lovely, screaming silently into that pot of tea. But I want you to know that NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT! You’ve got the classic case of fear, lack of clarity and the support to get you through all of this.

Fear manifests itself way too easily, especially into female company of one’s, like us, without an on-hand support team to build us up when we need it most. And the shitbag that is fear knows this as it so easily takes over your brain and unravels itself like an endless piece of wool.

So I’m going to take a wild guess, is this you right now?

Disconnected and uninspired? The work that used to fire your belly up doesn’t feel so good now. You feel disconnected from your business, from yourself and maybe even from your life right now.

Thinking you’re just not good enough? Ah that sinking feeling when you scroll through Instagram and see people doing what you’ve dreamed of and comparing yourself. Like you’ll never have the clarity and confidence of these other women showing up on your feed.

You not making the impact you desire? You’re not used to putting yourself out there, you feel lost and confused about how you can package up and offer your service to the people who really need it and how to magnetise them towards you and your brand.

I really, really feel for you, my love. It literally breaks my heart to see it like this and this is what I really want you to know that you can start to do RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW to turn back towards facing your dream.

1. There is space for you, right here, right now. 

Yes, love, there are lots of people out there doing amazing things but I promise you that none of them have the gift that you have. You are unique. With the right belief and intentional actions as well as a clear and supported path, you can still claim that space. It’s not too late.It’s still yours for the claiming. 

2. You haven’t picked the right team

You need to connect with your own dream team to travel with on your business journey. Whether that’s your inner imaginary leader, or a mentor or coach and a community who’ll be with you ALL the way, you’ve got to have chemistry going on.

Let me ask you this question: Would you ever commit to spending your life with someone you don’t have a spark with? Chemistry is everything and you’ve got to find your vibe so you can find your tribe. 

As I write this, my hairs are standing on end, I feel the fire in my belly roar like a lioness for you. Do you know why? Because just talking about chemistry and connection lights me up in a way that nothing else does. 

Because I can see your potential from over here. I know you are already enough and I want to give you a clear path forwards towards your dream.

3. Find the confidence to see abundance

Fear shrouds itself but when we learn to get past it to get to what we want, anything really is is possible when someone shows you a way that feels clear to you. There is an abundance of dream clients out there, you might need a little help in crafting your brand so that it speaks directly into their hearts and souls.

4. You’re doing too much! 

You’ve been trying to do everything, be all over Instagram, create videos, write blog posts and more but what you haven’t focused on is creating the chemistry with yourself, with your dream clients so they do a little firefly dance towards you.

As Seth Godin says, Busy Is Not The Point.

Doing ALL the things is not where success lies. If you dive deep into who you are and focus on what’s important, to do the work within yourself that helps tell people exactly who you are, then your future clients are going to find you.

What if there was a way to create chemistry, spark joy in what you do and magnetises towards your dreamiest clients?

5. Your dream is more within reach than you think.

Do you feel like you’re in a dark room with no windows, struggling to breathe? When you know that outside is a world of blue skies, gently swaying palm trees, music and laughter and light?

There’s a door between you and the world you want and if you dare to open it  you’ll find a path of wisteria and overgrown weeds that’s enticing you in.

So my BIG question to you is, do you open the door to see what lies beyond where you are now? Are you brave enough to try?